X-Plane-Map by @foucdeg

How it Works

X-Plane can be configured to send out aircraft location data over the network. This application listens to those network exchanges and displays your aircraft on a Google Map.

Multiplayer mode

Flying with friends? The map can handle that. Instructions are detailed in the setup screen.


Your computer’s firewall is not allowing your phone to reach the map server on your computer. The firewall should accept inbound TCP connections to the web server port (port 8080 by default).


If you cannot get the map to work, email me at foucauld.degeorges@gmail.com.

For any bug reports or feature requests/ideas, leave an issue on Github.


v2.2.0 - Setup improved

Rewrote setup page. Setup now prevents users from choosing unavailable ports.

Download: Mac, Windows, Linux

v2.1.1 - Fix config problems

Emergency config bugfixes

Download: Mac, Windows, Linux

v2.1.0 - Material stuff

Updated UI to use Material Design. Added a fourth plane icon representing a general aviation plane. Icons now have white outline for better visibility against dark backgrounds

Download: Mac, Windows, Linux

v2.0.3 - Upgrade Electron and code sign for Mac

Added code signing for Mac Updated electron dependency for a vulnerability issue

Download: Mac, Windows, Linux

v2.0.2 - Add Linux executable

Automatic builds and Linux version successful this time! Still need someone to try the Linux version though.

Download: Mac, Windows, Linux

v2.0.0 - The Electron Release

Version 2.0.0 is a full rewrite of X-Plane Map, using Electron to make it a cross-platform desktop app. Some added features: new setup page explaining use cases and full configuration, plane icon change, plane trace color varies with altitude.

Download: Mac, Windows, Linux